Course Offerings

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Graduation Requirements
In addition to the above requirements, all students must complete 60 service hours prior to graduation.

Recommended Minimum
English 4 4
Math 4 3
Science 4 3
Social Studies 4 4
Foreign Language 2 0
Physical Education 1 1
Speech .5 .5
Health .5 .5
Fine Arts 1 1
Technology 1 1
(psychology, sociology, philosophy)
1.5 1.5
(includes reading remediation)
2.5 2.5
* 26 credits 22 credits

Honors Courses:
English I, II, III, IV
Algebra I, II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus
Biology, Chemistry, Physics I, Physics II
World Geography, World History, US History 1865-Present, US History Post WWII

Ranking and GPA
Shelton does not rank its students. GPA is cumulative, calculated on a 100 point weighted scale. The passing mark is 70%.

The GPA does not include physical education and athletics courses with the exception of Foundations of Physical Fitness.

Students earn five quality points in Honors courses. Quality points are added to semester grades for GPA calculations but are not included in raw semester grades shown on transcripts. In addition, students earn five fewer points for Modified courses. (Honors courses were not offered prior to the 2013 - 2014 school year.)

Advanced Placement courses are not offered at Shelton Upper School.

GPA Range by Quartile: Top 10%: 97.93 and above
First quartile: 93.54 and above
Second quartile: 89.00 - 93.28
Third quartile: 86.50 - 88.83
Fourth quartile: 85.86 and below

Cross Country (boys and girls)
Volleyball (girls)
Football (boys)
Basketball (boys and girls)
Soccer (co-ed team)
Swimming (boys and girls)
Baseball (boys)
Track (boys and girls)
Tennis (boys and girls)
Golf (boys and girls)
Cheer (girls)
Mascot and Wranglers (boys and girls)
Chargerettes Drill Team (girls)

Clubs and Organizations
American Sign Language Club, Band/Drumline, Chargers for Change, Class Officers, Film Club, Cyber-Journalism Club, History Club, Improv Club, Math Club, Book Club, National Honor Society, Performing Arts Club, Photography Club, Recycling Club, Security/Intelligence Club, Shelton Delegates, Student Council, Vocal Charge, Yearbook