College Advising

A four-year process built on open communication and realistic expectations, college advising at Shelton School helps each student/family start, develop and carry out a post-Shelton plan. Individual student need is the guide; reasoned judgment is the modulator; successful, happy and inspired young men and women is the goal.

Debbie Knox, M.Ed.
Director of College and Career Advising
972-774-1772 x2205

Introducing Naviance

Naviance is a web based program that provides students with college planning and career assessment tools.

Access Naviance

Students will use their Shelton username and password to log in

Students will notice 4 tabs across the top of the welcome page:
  • Colleges- allows students to add colleges they may be interested in attending, as well as options for researching colleges and scholarships
  • Careers- allows students to explore various careers as well as take assessments to discover the types of work activities and careers that match their interests
  • About Me- allows students to create a resume, access their grade point average and review results of assessments
  • My Planner- allows students to keep track of their calendar, set goals for themselves and make to do lists

Students are encouraged to explore the Naviance site and all that it has to offer. This is an organizational tool that we will be using and building on year after year.