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Half-Credit Courses

Shelton School is accredited by Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS). The following Upper School courses cover the essential elements required by the Texas Education Association. Because each class must cover TEA required elements that are typically covered during an entire school year, students should give careful consideration to the time and curriculum requirements before enrolling.


Credit Course Attendance Policies

  • For each summer semester credit course, a student may not miss more than the equivalent of one class day or credit will not be issued. This includes tardies, leaving early and/or absences. 
  • Attendance is required on the last day of all summer semester credit courses.
  • All summer fees and course requirements must be paid before credit will be given.
  • Each school has individual procedures and/or guidelines. It is suggested that non-Shelton students check with their school regarding their transfer of credit policy.
  • A minimum of seven students is required for all classes. Credit classes not meeting that minimum by May 31 will be canceled.


These one-semester courses will cover the essential elements required by TEA. (.5 credit courses)

Course Grade Dates  8:00 – 12:00 12:30 – 4:30
American Government   9 - 12   June 12 – July 3 
Computer Applications   9 - 12   June 12 – July 3 
Economics  11- 12   June 12 – July 3 
Ethics  9 - 12   June 12 – July 3   
Health  9 - 12   June 12 – July 3   
Speech  9 - 12   June 12 – July 3 
Art 1  9 - 12   June 12 – July 3   

Grade levels refer to the grade your child will be entering students will enter in the fall.

Shelton students are given first priority through April 15.

Half Credit Courses: Government, Computer Applications, Economics, Ethics I, Health, Speech

  On or Before April 15 On or After April 16
June 12 – July 3rd $920 $1090