Lower School

Engaged From A Young Age

The Lower School provides students age 3 years through 2nd grade with a solid foundation and teaches positive habits. Shelton works with students from the very first moment they step onto campus. We create a nurturing, supportive environment that engages students and enriches learning. At Shelton, we strive to help children become secure about their self-image and leave our programs as happy and self-motivated children with a love for learning.

Building an Early Foundation for Later Success

Shelton provides a program in which each child's educational plan is matched to his own unique developmental levels. When Shelton teachers identify and teach to a child's developmental level, meaningful learning takes place.

The Swift Early Childhood Center, a division of Shelton School, offers children age three through six a highly individualized program emphasizing the development of the whole child. Shelton looks at each child developmentally and places emphasis upon what a child can do rather than upon their age. This philosophy allows children to progress at their own rate of development. Our goal at Shelton is to see that our students enter elementary school with high self-esteem and high expectations of success. We guide work and play so that these successes are possible for our preschoolers.

LS Specials Newsletters

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May 11, 2020 April 14, 2020
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