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Search our physical collection in the Heffernan Library on the first floor and our Secondary Library on the third floor.

The Hillcrest Foundation Library Media Center collection located on the first floor contains over 12,000 titles representing a variety of fiction, non-fiction, and reference material, in many formats, for students grade EC through 5. The Hillcrest Library Media Center, located on the third floor, contains over 11,000 titles for grades 6-12, as well as our professional collection.

Magazine and Journal Subscriptions
Shelton subscribes to over 90 magazines and journals for a wide variety of audiences. Everything from Ranger Rick to Car & Driver to Educational Leadership. See the list.

Online Subscription Databases

Shelton maintains a large set of subscription databases to provide students with access to quality materials. If you have password questions, see your friendly librarian.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Library Media Center open to students?
1st Floor Library, EC-5th grade: 8:00am to 3:30pm, M-F
3rd Floor Library, 6th-12th grade: 8:15am to 4:15pm, M-Th, and until 3:00pm on Fridays

How many books can a student check out?
Lower and Upper Elementary can get 2 books or books on tape on one visit
Middle and Upper School have unlimited checkout, as long as nothing is overdue

How do I know when things I check out are due back to the library?
Books are due 2 weeks after they are taken out for the 1st floor library and 3 weeks for the 3rd floor library. If you need more time or if you need it for a project just ask a librarian to renew it!

How do I find out what books you have?
We have an online catalog that has our holdings. It is called Follett Destiny Catalog. The librarians can demonstrate how to use the catalog, and then how to find the material in the Library. School and Public libraries use a system of ordering books called the Dewey Decimal System, and once you know how it works you can find books in any library!

Is there an overdue fine if I return a book or magazine late?
There are no overdue fines. However...if a book is lost or comes back damaged there is a charge for the cost to replace the book, and check out privileges can be limited.

Do you have magazines that can be checked out?
Yes, you may check out magazines if you are in 3rd grade or higher. At this time magazines may not be checked out in the Lower School. Let us know if you feel otherwise, as this policy is under review.

What newspapers does the library get? Would I be able to cut them up for current events in class?
In the Upper School Library Monday thru Friday we get the Dallas Morning News and the New York Times. Papers from the previous days in our recycling pile can be cut up. Ask a librarian where these copies are kept or ask a librarian for assistance in using newspaper Online Databases to find and print out articles!

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