Hello Students and Parents,

I am writing to share the unfortunate news that Holland Hall School in Tulsa has decided to cancel the ISAS arts festival on April 2-4. They took this action based on an abundance of caution and serious regard for the health and well-being of the 3,500 students from 43 schools. Considering the timing of the festival AFTER Spring Break (when several families may be travelling internationally), they took a judicious approach to the uncertainty that is prevalent in our world today.

While I understand that this news is disappointing for our students and school community, we stand by our ISAS fellow school in accepting their decision with grace and support. Additionally, since our fine arts students have spent months preparing to share their talents, we are looking at opportunities to showcase this work within our Shelton community. 

Thank you for your patience, understanding and mostly, your support of the arts in our school and beyond.

Warmest regards,

Anné Hughes