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These online workshops listed below are designed for educators, parents, family members, and the public. CEUs and TEA CPEs are available. These courses are designed to be taken on your own time and at your own pace.

Questions are included throughout the class to check the student's understanding of the lesson objectives. Upon completion of the assessment at the end of the course, a certificate of completion will be issued. The ability to review the material in the course and to attempt the assessment multiple times is allowed and encouraged to facilitate successful completion.

Please Note: 5-10 business days after submitting a registration and payment for the course you will receive access information so that you can begin the online class.

Dyslexia & Related Disorders

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This course describes causes, characteristics, and instruction for processing disorders. The role of the brain in reading and processing information and the evaluation of mental/perceptual/academic abilities is discussed. The learning process of children with and without perceptual problems is compared. Identification and characteristics of dyslexia, ADHD, and other perceptual disorders are also explored. Common patterns of strengths and weaknesses in dyslexia and related disorders are presented to explain how the process of reading is fundamentally different for children with and without learning differences. (2 CEUs)

Organization & Study Skills

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This online class offers strategies for the very young child, elementary, middle school, and high school students to facilitate the development of effective and efficient study behaviors. Organizational skills are automatic and easy for some people; however, this is usually not the case with those who have learning differences or those with ADHD. The goal of the Shelton System for Organization and Study Skills is to foster independence, self-control, and success in each individual. This course is based on instruction in a classroom or therapeutic setting but can be used in a variety of settings. (4 CEUs)

To best implement the program we recommend purchasing Shelton System for Organization and Study Skills (Item# Org/StSk T 101) that is used with our students at the Shelton School.

Social Skills & Values

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This course offers strategies and curriculum developed at the Shelton School to address social behaviors and values which are found within all world cultures for young children through high school students. Shelton has developed this model for teaching social skills to students with learning differences. The materials and techniques used at Shelton will be presented and can be used in a variety of settings.
(4 CEUs)

To best implement the program we recommend purchasing the appropriate grade level manual that is used at the Shelton School.

Manual Item Number

Choices EC - K
Choices 1 - 3
Choices 4 - 6
Choices 7 - 9

Choices EC - K T 101
Choices 1 - 3 T 101
Choices 4 - 6 T 101
Choices 7 - 9 T 101