Overview Workshops

Overview workshops listed below are designed for educators, parents, family members, and the public. CEUs and TEA CPEs are available. Some are online and designed to be taken on your own time and at your own pace. Others are offered on our campus at specific times.

Online Workshops

Online Workshops topics include

  • Overview of Dyslexia and Related Disorders
  • The Shelton System for Organization and Study Skills
  • The Shelton Model For Teaching Social Skills and Values

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Fees Apply, CEUs are available


On Campus Workshops

  • Enhancing Instruction Seminars (Fees Apply)
    4 day long seminars that may be taken individually or separately
  • Screening for Dyslexia:  A Shelton Workshop (Fees Apply)
    a day long workshop created in response to the passage of Texas HB1886 requiring all students in kindergarten and 1st grade to be screened for dyslexia
  • The Lost Art of Spelling Workshop (Fees Apply)
    dust off and enhance your spelling instruction
  • Thursday Evening Overviews (Free of Charge)
    Check the schedule. Please RSVP by contacting Laura Berend prior to the workshop.
    • Overview of Learning Differences
    • Simulations of Learning Differences
    • Social Skills / Organization & Study Skills
    • Oral & Written Language
    • Freedom From Chemical Dependency
    • Math, Science, and Social Studies
  • Saturday Professional Development and Information Seminar Series (Fees Apply)
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    • Neurological Aspects of LD and Current Research
    • MACAR and Child Development
    • Shelton Model for Teaching Social Skills
    • Discipline and Classroom Management
    • Structural Math
    • History of Language
    • Phonological Awareness
    • Fluency and Comprehension
    • Composition
    • Organization and Study Skills

Workshops @ Your Location

Let us bring the Overview of Dyslexia and Simulations of Learning Differences to you!

No Fee when presented within a 10 mile radius on school days between the hours of 9am and 4pm.
(Evening or Non-School Day Fee for Dallas Area $400)

This course describes causes, characteristics, and instruction for processing disorders. The role of the brain in reading and processing information and the evaluation of mental/perceptual/academic abilities is discussed. The learning process of children with and without perceptual problems is compared. Identification and characteristics of dyslexia, ADHD, and other perceptual disorders are also explored. Common patterns of strengths and weaknesses in dyslexia and related disorders are presented to explain how the process of reading is fundamentally different for children with and without learning differences.

Other workshops are also available at your location - see our Custom Training Options