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Seminars are designed to enhance the ability of a general education teacher to serve students with learning differences in the regular classroom.


CEUs from various professional organizations have been granted in the past for these seminars. Application to the appropriate certifying agency is the responsibility of the requesting school or district.


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Fees and Information

  • Consultant fee for each day of training $1,850.00 – Per Presenter*
  • Half Day Consultant Fee $1,000.00 – Per Presenter*
  • Consultant Fee for Joyce Pickering (full or half day) $3,000.00 – Per Day
  • Consultant Call (one hour or longer) $ 250.00 - Per Hour

*Travel expenses billed separately.

Fees are due at least one month before event and must be received before airline tickets are purchased. Other costs including shipping presenter’s materials, flight, airport fees, meals and transportation to be billed immediately following the presentation.

Available Topics

Overview of Dyslexia and Simulations of Learning Differences

No Fee when presented within a 10 mile radius between the hours of 9am and 4pm.

Evening or Non-School Day Fee for Dallas Area $400

This course describes causes, characteristics, and instruction for processing disorders. The role of the brain in reading and processing information and the evaluation of mental/perceptual/academic abilities is discussed. The learning process of children with and without perceptual problems is compared. Identification and characteristics of dyslexia, ADHD, and other perceptual disorders are also explored. Common patterns of strengths and weaknesses in dyslexia and related disorders are presented to explain how the process of reading is fundamentally different for children with and without learning differences.

The Shelton System for Organization and Study Skills

Organizational skills are automatic and easy for some people; however, this is usually not the case with those who have learning differences or those with ADHD. The goal of The Shelton System for Organization and Study Skills is to foster independence, self-control, and success in each individual. This seminar is based on instruction in a classroom or therapeutic setting but can be used in a variety of settings.

Accommodating the Learning Different Student

The goal of this course is to identify multi-sensory teaching strategies that can be used in any classroom to foster independence, self-control, success, and self-confidence in the student who learns differently. These strategies are beneficial for all students, but critical for students who learn differently.

Fluency and Comprehension

Comprehension is the ultimate goal of reading. Fluency precedes comprehension. We now know that strong decoding does not always lead to fluency or comprehension. Strategies to improve both are presented and practice with these activities is included in the seminar.

The Shelton Model for Teaching Social Skills and Values

Learning differences can affect the way these children interact with the world and, ultimately, their self-esteem. Fortunately, social skills can be learned through direct instruction. The Shelton staff have developed a multisensory program titled CHOICES: A Comprehensive Social Values and Social Skills Curriculum which addresses the overall development of character in the child and teaches social concepts and social skills needed for social competence. In this course, demonstrations of the Shelton Social Skills curriculum and insight from Shelton teachers give guidance for teaching the curriculum. Purchase of the appropriate grade level Choices program is recommended in order to receive the maximum benefit from this course. This course addresses what is meant by social competence, social deficits in the LD child, and instruction in the use of the Shelton social skills curriculum.

Structural Math

Students benefit from math instruction delivered in a multisensory, structured, sequential way. The logic behind the activities as well as the hands on practice with activities from simple to complex concepts will be presented. A strong emphasis on manipulatives will be maintained.

Montessori Applied to Children at Risk for Learning Differences (MACAR)

MACAR is designed to assist the Montessori teacher to serve students with learning differences in the regular classroom. The teacher will be provided specific strategies for matching the Montessori educational method to those needs.

Training to Address Intensive Intervention

We can bring any of our 3 Multisensory Structured Language Courses to your location as well.

Courses are open to those who hold a bachelors degree or higher from an accredited college or university.

Certification is available at the teaching and at the therapy levels.

  • Teaching Level consists of 80 hours of coursework plus a 60-hour practicum with five demonstration lessons. A bachelor’s degree is required to pursue teaching level.
  • Therapy Level certification takes the teacher to a more advanced level. It requires 245 hours of coursework and a 700-hour practicum with ten demonstration lessons. A master’s degree is recommended for Therapy Level Certification by the completion of the course and practicum.

Upon completion of all requirements at the teaching or therapy level, participants will be prepared to sit for the Alliance National Certification Examination.

All Shelton MSL Training Courses (SEE, SALA and SARA) endorsed by the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) and are accredited by the International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC) at the Teaching, Instructor of Teaching, Therapy, and Instructor of Therapy Levels.