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1. What is the Virtual Auction?
Starting with the Online Auction Sunday, March 21st at 9:00am. The Online Auction will be open until Friday, March 26th at 9:00pm. The Virtual Event will be live streaming Friday, March 26th at 7:00pm. You don't want to miss the party! More information will be released closer to the event.

2. Where will the Virtual Event event take place?
At your home or wherever you feel comfortable. To keep everyone safe and in accordance with the CDC the Stampede will be a Virtual Event this year.

3. What is the Attire?
Get cozy in your favorite PJs, enjoy your Auction Party Pack, and bid the night away.

4. How do I purchase a Stampede T-shirt?
Click the Stampede T-shirt tab to the left, then click on the "Buy Now Link." First, you must register as a bidder to buy a T-shirt. Good news, you only have to register once for the entire auction so you will be ready to bid in March!

5. How do I get my Stampede T-shirt?
Your child will receive his or her shirt from their advisory teacher. Virtual students will receive their shirts with their weekly pick-up items from their teacher.

6. Are there new raffle tickets this year?
Yes! We will still have tickets to win free Shelton tuition for one year, PLUS two new raffle items. Purchase all three and you will be auto­matically entered to win a mystery prize!

7. How do I purchase raffle tickets?
Click the Raffle Ticket tab to the left then click on the "Buy Now Link." You must first register as a bidder to buy a raffle ticket. Good news, you only have to register once for the entire auction, so you will be ready to bid in March!

8. How do I place bids for the auction?
The online auction starts Sunday, March 21st at 9:00am and will close Friday, March 26th at 9:00pm.
Click here to register as a bidder and you will be set!

9. How do I make a donation to the Online Auction?
Please click the Auction Donation tab to the left. If you would prefer, please email for further assistance.

10. How do I become a sponsor?
Please click the Sponsorship tab to the left. We have many exciting new sponsorships available. If you would prefer, please email for further assistance.

11. What is a Big Board Item?
Big Board Items are some of our featured auction items. Some include vacation homes, memorabilia, fine art, and
exclusive dining experiences. Each day there will be ONE featured item. It will ONLY be available that day. Bidding will open at 9:00am and close at 9:00pm. One winner per day! Don't miss out on some of the auction's most exciting items.

12. What is an Auction Party Pack?
The Auction Party Pack includes dinner for 2 from Lombardi's, a bottle of wine and a Stampede Spirit Box. Dinner will be delivered to your home via Alto and Spirit Boxes will be available for pick-up during the week of the Stampede Auction. Stampede Spirit Box will include premium favors you don't want to miss!

13. What is the Giving Tree?
New this year we have added The Shelton Giving Tree. Teachers and departments have submitted needs for their classrooms/areas. As a bidder, you will be able to select an item and purchase that item using the auction website. This gives you the opportunity to directly support a variety of classrooms and areas.

14. I would like to volunteer for the Stampede. How do I get involved?
We can always use more help! We have positions open in all areas. Please contact the Stampede chairs, Mandy Evans and Kimber Hartman at