Lunch with Dad

Registration for 7th - 11th Grade students

  • 7th Grade - Monday, January 23rd (12:15pm - 12:40pm)
  • 8th Grade - Tuesday, January 24th (12:40pm - 1:05pm)
  • 9th Grade - Wednesday, January 25th (1:10pm - 1:35pm)
  • 10th-11th Grade - Thursday, January 26th (1:10pm - 1:35pm)

Important Notes:

  • Any special adult is welcome to attend with their Shelton student!
  • Registration is required! No child will be released from class to meet you for lunch without advance registration!
  • Please park in the church parking lot across the street and enter through the Hillcrest entrance where your child will be waiting for you.
  • If you register, but are unable to meet your child for lunch that day, please send a substitute as your child will be waiting for you and will not go to lunch in the Dining Hall with the other students.
  • Please use Shelton Visitor parking in front of the school or park across the street at SunFresh or Dallas Bible Church. If you choose to park across the street, please park close to Hillcrest and avoid parking near the main entrances of these establishments.
  • Registration closes January 18th at 10pm!

Registration Options:

  • Option 1: Bring your own lunches
    Student will be dismissed for the event and you bring your own lunches. Note: the dining hall will not provide meals for any student registered for Lunch with Dad and no food will be available for purchase.
  • Option 2: Order pizza lunches
    Student will be dismissed for the event and you’ll pick up your pre-ordered pizza lunches at the event.
    Pizza Slices (*Cheese *Pepperoni *White *Veggie) - $2/slice
    Water bottles (16 oz) - $1 each

Questions? E-mail