Holiday Happiness

Continuing the tradition of generosity to our Shelton faculty and staff.

Holiday Happiness is a gift fund created by the Shelton Parents' Association intended to take the place of buying individual holiday gifts for teachers and staff. Proceeds are shared among Shelton staff. A list of donors to the Holiday Happiness fund is included in the envelope with each gift check. Last year, over 450 Shelton families participated in the fund. Here are a few of the hundreds of comments received from faculty and staff last year:

“What a special gift you give us - no only giving us your children to teach but also sharing some extra cheer to have fun!”

“This extra cash each year means so much to all of us.”

“Wow! Once again the Shelton parents honor us and make us feel so appreciated.”

You may give online below until midnight on Sunday, December 10th. You may also print out a form and mail your check or bring it to the security desk.