Shelton Pride: Tour Our New Campus  


Construction Updates

September 25, 2020: Updated pictures from around our new campus can be seen in the below photo gallery. For older progress photos, please scroll down. 

Athletic Training Room 

Upper School Hallway 

Outreach Lounge Area

Main Entrance 

Main Gymnasium

Lower School / Upper Elementary Library  

Library Lounge Area 

Middle School Commons

Wellness path and Lower School/Upper Elementary playground

Main Entrance 

Senior Lounge 

Upper School Commons

Dining Area 

Lower School/Upper Elementary Gym

Track and Football Field 

Track and Football Field 

June 5, 2020: Updated pictures from construction of our new campus can be seen in the below photo gallery. For older progress photos, please scroll down. 

Updated Construction Progress Photo Gallery

May 13, 2020: We’ve added an updated photo gallery below so that you can follow along with the progress being made at the new campus. Please take a look at what is going on at our future home.

Construction Progress Photo Gallery

Donor Spotlight - The Hollman Family

Shelton School’s new campus on Preston Road will open this fall, providing our students a unified campus that will enhance both academic and extracurricular activities. Travis Hollman serves as President and CEO of Hollman Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of sports, fitness and office lockers. Hollman’s lockers can be found in the locker rooms of the Dallas Mavericks, Texas Rangers, Equinox and now inside the halls of Shelton School.

Travis and his wife Stephanie are parents to Cruz, a current Shelton 3rd grader. They decided to provide all the lockers for the new Shelton campus as a gift because they have been extremely happy with the transformation that Shelton has had on their youngest son, Cruz, who is now happy and self-confident. “Although we loved the education,” Travis said, “we felt that the kids deserved a better physical environment. Something that compliments the education and lets the kids know that they are worthy of the best.”

Travis grew up severely dyslexic himself and was held back in the 3rd grade. He said he had very little help educationally and his self-esteem was very low. “With Shelton, our son is thriving. He is inspired to learn. He is celebrated for his gifts,” said Travis. He says his son now has the education he only dreamed of as a child. 

Through Hollman Inc, the Hollmans are providing all the lockers for the new campus, including the classrooms, P.E. locker rooms, baseball locker room and the football field house. Travis said he wanted to help give the kids a place they can be proud of because they deserve it.

The Hollmans have been big philanthropists in the community for a long time. They believe when you are as blessed in life, there is a responsibility to help others. 




Shelton Momentum: Energy, Enthusiasm and Expectation

As Shelton opens its doors for its 43rd first day of school, there is energy, enthusiasm and expectation. Energy, because the students bring a palpable force through the doors with them. Enthusiasm, because the beginning of the year means a contagious excitement. Expectation, because we are moving forward with a dream long in the making. This time next year, we anticipate being relocated at a new and unified campus on 17301 Preston Road in North Dallas. Shelton offers a unique world-class educational model for intelligent students who just happen to have a learning difference. It will be a great addition in its new neighborhood and to the City of Dallas at large.

When we open in August 2020, we will have more than we have at our current campus, but certain areas will be phased in over the next several years.

With academics first, the new campus will have:

  • 125 classrooms
  • 12 hands-on science labs
  • 1 robotics lab
  • 4 dedicated STEM rooms
  • Makerspace for libraries 
  • A dedicated teacher training classroom for adult learners

Together, these spaces create the setting for many learning opportunities that are deemed essential in today’s educational environment.

New construction will include a fine arts center and three gymnasiums.

  • Performing arts theatre
  • Black box theatre
  • Band hall
  • Choir room
  • Scene shop
  • Studios for film, ceramics, sculpture and more
  • Art gallery
  • Labs for digital photography and music 
  • Dance studio 
  • Multipurpose room for wrestling and other activities 

Our Groundbreaking Moment


Outdoor athletic facilities will include: 

  • A football / soccer field with stadium
  • A fieldhouse with weight room 
  • Track and field facilities
  • Baseball park
  • Fitness path 

Alongside school operations, Shelton will continue to offer services through its:

  • Evaluation Center (housed nearby the school)
  • Speech / Language / Hearing Program
  • Outreach / Training Program

Architectural and educational designers alike believe these spaces in North Dallas will enhance the creative exchanges, interactions and experiences of future entrepreneurs, problem-solvers, project managers, artists and leaders. We look forward to serving students, families, professionals and the community in new classrooms and through vibrant public spaces.

Learn more in our newsletter, The Horizon.