Tuition & Fees

We have included general guidelines for tuition based on rates for the 2019-2020 school year.

Early Childhood (3 years - 5 years) - $16,500
Pre Primary (5 years - 1st grade) - $25,200
Primary (1st grade - 2nd grade) - $25,800
3rd - 4th Grade - $26,500
5th Grade - $27,400
6th Grade- $30,000
7th Grade- $30,000
8th Grade- $30,000
9th Grade - $30,900
10th Grade - $30,900
11th Grade - $30,900
12th - $31,500

Required fees including registration, books, technology and lunch are covered in above rates. Grade 12 Tuition also includes seniors' activity fees.

Excluded are: Sports uniforms, band instruments, cheerleading and other Shelton spirit organization uniforms/expenses and out of town or overnight trips. Additionally, there is a tuition refund insurance plan fee of $300.

There is a new student matriculation fee of $1,000.

Tuition & Payment Policy

  • For new students, a one time $1,000 Matriculation Fee is due prior to scheduling the Admission Battery. Matriculation Fees cover the administrative cost of admittance to the school. They are not prorated or refunded.
  • The Registration Fee of $2500 is due at the time of acceptance to Shelton.
  • The balance of the Tuition is due by June 3, 2019 or upon enrollment, unless you select a payment plan using the FACTS system. Please contact Leslie Cashdollar, extension 2235, in the Business Office if you need additional information.

FACTS Payment Plan Options

Shelton participates with FACTS to help our families with tuition payments. Through FACTS we offer a monthly payout for tuition at an additional cost to the family. Payments to FACTS can be made by check, credit card or bank draft on the monthly payment plan.

10 Payments on the monthly plan continue to January.

Please note, each tuition payment using FACTS will carry a $75 per payment fee.

Using FACTS, we also offer a two payment plan—half of the tuition due by June and the other half due by January. If you use this plan, a fee of $200 for each payment will be added at a total cost of $400.

If your unique situation requires an option to the 10 Month or 2 Month payout plans, please contact Glen Brown in the Business Office to discuss your specific need. Exceptions to these plans may be granted on a limited basis.

Third Party Loans

There are several companies that provide loans for K-12 students. One of these is Sallie Mae. Their Loan information is available at Another is You must go through their loan approval process and not through Shelton. Once your loan is approved and funded, Shelton will receive your Tuition from one of these sources and you repay them on the agreed upon terms. We do not know their requirements as to timing. These links are provided as information only. Shelton is not endorsing or recommending either of these sources.

Download a Sallie Mae Informational PDF

Tuition Refund Plan

If purchased, the Tuition Refund Plan will refund 60% of the unused portion of the paid tuition should you decide to withdraw your student from the school for any reason, and 75% for medical reasons. The Tuition Refund Plan is an optional fee unless it was made a condition on your student's contract.

If you do not want to purchase the tuition refund plan for $300, please notify Leslie Cashdollar in the Business Office:

To receive a refund, you must have paid for the Tuition Refund Plan when your tuition was paid and your student must have attended at least 14 consecutive days of school. Please contact the Business Office to begin the refund process.