Teacher with Student

About Us

Shelton is a unique organization all laser focused on improving the education of those individuals with learning differences:
  • The School
    1,000 students in a day school program through a customized curriculum delivered by experienced educators with expertise in learning differences.
  • Evaluation Center
    provides comprehensive assessments for clients (age PreK through adult) that result in a roadmap for success
  • Speech & Language Therapy Program
    serves the community through individual and group therapy, hearing and vision screening and assessments to children and adolescents both on and off campus
  • Teacher Training Program
    provides instructional training for educators, parents and the community who educate and interact with individuals who learn differently

As an extension of the school, Shelton also offers:

  • Shelton Scholars Program
    a special Saturday & Summer remedial program helping students age 6 to adult, generally those not attending Shelton already
  • Summer School Program
    Shelton offers some of its best classes and activities in the Summer. There is something for all students from PreK through High School
6:1 average student teacher ratio

Teachers trained in 3 countries, 12 states, and 27 cities

1 to 1 laptop program for grades 5 - 12

$4.4 million in college scholarships

100 zip codes represented

Over 1,000 community speech & vision screenings per year

Clients from 3 to 43 years old assessed by the Evaluation Center

Teachers have 19 years average experience; over half have advanced degrees

369 student athletes in 6th - 12th grades

Number of individuals IMPACTED since 1976: Countless