Shelton Engages

Whether with a student, parent, client, employee, educator or professional, Shelton commits to share our considerable expertise and experience with integrity, purpose and professionalism.

Teacher Training

From local to international, onsite and online, Shelton provides instructional training for educators, parents and the community. Shelton’s curriculum is widely recognized as best-of-class delivered by only the most experienced and skilled instructors.


Evaluation Center

The Shelton Evaluation Center offers a comprehensive picture of functioning for individuals of all ages. From a team of highly trained professionals, each client receives a roadmap for success after establishing a learning, behavioral and psychological profile.


Speech & Language Therapy

Certified therapists of the Speech & Language Therapy Program provide individual and group therapy for children and adolescents both on and off campus, as well as in-depth speech and language evaluations, staff development and speech/language/hearing and vision screenings.


Recent News

All Systems are GO!

All Systems are GO for Back-to-School at Shelton. New teachers, returning teachers, in-service, staff selfies, and a presentation to staff from former student Andrew Velvin.

Shelton Enriches

As stewards of exceptional resources, we strive to give greater value, importance and effective service to every person entrusting us with his or her individual need.

“At Shelton, they made me realize that I was smart. I was capable of anything. I have grown so much as a student and as an individual. I’ve widened my academic interests by joining choir, math club, and Spanish club.”

- Brinson Ellard, Upper School Student

“For the past twenty years it has been my honor to make even the smallest difference in Shelton students’ lives, because I see the big difference Shelton makes to them."

- Stephanie Weatherford, Administrative Assistant, Speech & Language Therapy Program

“Shelton helped our family figure out how to deal with the learning differences so we could focus on the best things about our daughter, like her fabulous sense of humor, incredible work ethic, bright future, and lovable nature.”

- Michele Valdez and Gary Kennedy, Parents to a Shelton Senior

“In the early days, people couldn’t spell ‘dyslexia.’ Now, with a school of Shelton’s caliber, people can hardly wait to get in if they have a child who needs help.”

- David F. Martineau, Founding Board Member

“I was able to accomplish more at Shelton than I could have anywhere else. It was a catalyst for new friends, new things to try, and new interests. I will never forget Shelton.”

- Noah Dardick, Shelton Alumnus


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Shelton Empowers

Through a customized academic approach within a mainstream environment and tools for self-advocacy, Shelton students have the confidence and self-motivation to accomplish greatness and thrive as citizens of the 21st Century.

6:1 Student Teacher Ratio

1 to 1 Laptop Program for Grades 6 - 12

$4,521,869 College Scholarships awarded to 67 graduates

83 zip codes represented

741 Speech Therapy sessions per month

Teachers in 3 countries, 12 states, and 27 cities trained

Clients from 3 to 43 years old assessed by the Evaluation Center

2,480 Collective Years of Teaching Experience

109 Musicians involved in Spring Concert

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