The Evaluation Process

Prior to Evaluation Day

  • Parents and/or clients provide copies of all previous evaluations, standardized testing, and grades.
  • Parent Questionnaire - Parents are asked to complete a questionnaire and rating scales.
  • Teacher Questionnaire - Teachers are asked to complete rating scales regarding the client's functioning.
  • Deposit is made and evaluation appointment is set.

Evaluation Day

  • Typically the primary evaluation is a full day of testing. Testing will begin at 8:30 am or 8:45 am depending on the age of the client.
  • Parents sign a consent form and are interviewed by the primary evaluator for at least an hour prior to or at the beginning of the evaluation day.
  • There is a lunch break from 11:30 to 12:30.
  • The evaluation day typically ends between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm.

Conference Day

  • This usually occurs within two weeks of the completed evaluation and lasts from one to two hours.

Follow Up

  • A written report will be available within several weeks of the reporting conference. The report will include the presenting problem, relevant history, test results, interpretations, and recommendations.

Fee Structure

In most cases the primary evaluation is psychoeducational in nature.

  • The fee for a psychoeducational evaluation is $2,000.  
  • The fee is an additional $800 if adding an Autism Spectrum Disorder evaluation to the psychoeducational evaluation.
  • The fee is $1,000.00 for an ADHD evaluation.
  • The fee is $1,000.00 for an evaluation of a child 4 years old or younger.
  • The fee is $2,200.00 for a psychological evaluation. If both a psychoeducational and psychological evaluation are done, the fee is $3,000.00.
  • The fee is $2,600.00 for a Saturday appointment.
  • A nonrefundable $400 deposit is due at the time initial paperwork is returned to the Shelton Evaluation Center.
  • The balance of $1,600 (or $2,200 for a Saturday appointment), payable by check or cash, is due the day of the evaluation.

This fee covers a review of client history and previous evaluations, interviews with parents and clients, administration of all necessary tests, scoring and interpretation of results, consultation with SEC staff members, the reporting conference, and a written report with diagnoses and recommendations specific to the client's needs.

A consultation fee of $150.00 an hour is charged for any services beyond those already described.

Shelton School serves bright, creative students from three years through twelfth grade who learn differently.   Shelton also offers programs on Saturdays and during the summer for students who do not attend Shelton during the week.

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The Evaluation Center evaluates children, adolescents, and adults to obtain a complete picture of the client through psychoeducational, neuropsychological, and/or psychological evaluations and makes recommendations for remediation.

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Shelton offers teacher education for educators, parents, and the community through courses offered online and in person.  Materials are also for sale that support the coursework and implementation of our varied programs. 

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Shelton provides evaluations and therapy for children and adolescents with articulation, fluency, voice, language, auditory processing and reading problems at the Shelton campus and with children at private schools throughout the DFW metroplex.

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The fact is, Shelton has been sharing information and expertise with individuals, professionals and schools since its inception. It's part of Shelton's mission.

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