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18 Month Milestones

At 18 months, your child...

  • Recognizes pictures of familiar persons, objects, and pets
  • Starts to combine 2 words, such as "mommy bye-bye"
  • Uses words to make wants know, such as "more," "up"
  • Imitates words and sounds more clearly
  • Points to own toes, eyes and nose
  • Knows and says the names of 5 things
  • Points and gestures to call attention to something or show wants
  • Follow simple commands
  • Uses 10 to 20 different words
  • Practices words and word combinations
  • Brings familiar object from another room when asked
  • Turns pages of a book a few pages at a time
  • Occasionally mixes real words with jargon
  • Develops a play routine

To stimulate your child's speech...

  • Read books to you child frequently
  • Talk simply, clearly and slowly to your child
  • Look at your child when he or she talks to you
  • Describe what you child is doing, feeling and hearing in short, 3-word sentences
  • Let you child listen to children's music and book recordings
  • Respond to your child's attempts at communication in a meaningful way
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