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18 Month Milestones

At 18 months, your child...

  • Recognizes pictures of familiar persons, objects, and pets
  • Starts to combine 2 words, such as "mommy bye-bye"
  • Uses words to make wants know, such as "more," "up"
  • Imitates words and sounds more clearly
  • Points to own toes, eyes and nose
  • Knows and says the names of 5 things
  • Points and gestures to call attention to something or show wants
  • Follow simple commands
  • Uses 10 to 20 different words
  • Practices words and word combinations
  • Brings familiar object from another room when asked
  • Turns pages of a book a few pages at a time
  • Occasionally mixes real words with jargon
  • Develops a play routine

To stimulate your child's speech...

  • Read books to you child frequently
  • Talk simply, clearly and slowly to your child
  • Look at your child when he or she talks to you
  • Describe what you child is doing, feeling and hearing in short, 3-word sentences
  • Let you child listen to children's music and book recordings
  • Respond to your child's attempts at communication in a meaningful way

Shelton's School serves full time students 3 years to 12th grade, as well as those who do not attend the school.  Students not attending full time can experience Shelton's programs through the weekly Scholars program and Summer School.

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The Evaluation Center evaluates children, adolescents, and adults to obtains a complete picture of the client through psychoeducational, neuropsychological, and/or psychological evaluations and makes recommendations for remediation.

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The Training Center offers training for educators, parents, and the community through courses offered online and in person.  Materials are also for sale that support the coursework and implementation of our varied programs. 

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The Clinic provides evaluations and therapy for children and adolescents with articulation, fluency, voice, language, auditory processing and reading problems at the clinic and with children at private schools throughout the DFW metroplex.

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The fact is, Shelton has been sharing information and expertise with individuals, professionals and schools since its inception. It's part of Shelton's mission.

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