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Dates for Summer 2015

Summer Classes EC - 12
June 29 - July 23, 2015

Upper School Credit Classes
June 15 - July 23, 2015

Summer Scholars
June 29 - July 23, 2015

Various Sports Camps
June - August

Speech Clinic Programs
June - July

Holidays - July 3rd, 2015


Please note that the following classes are full:
(If the classes you want are closed please note that you are interested in “comment section” on your registration and if another section opens your student will be switched to requested class.)

Upper School Math Models
Upper School Chemistry

Lower School Early Childhood Morning Program
Lower School Pre-Primary Morning Program
Lower School Primary Morning Program

9:00 am - Keyboarding for 5th -12th
9:00 am - Book Report Rescue 5th
9:00 am - College Essay Writing
9:00 am - Reading Comprehension for 5th/6th
9:00 am - Math Foundations for 7th/8th
9:00 am - Solving Word Problems for 7th/8th
9:00 am - EveryFact Counts 5th-8th
9:00 am - Intensive Language Association 5th-8th
9:00 am - Penmanship 5th-8th

10:00 am - Writing for 7th-8th
10:00 am - Book Report Rescue for 6th
10:00 am - Solving Word Problems for 5th - 6th
10:00 am - Auditory Processing for 5th-6th
10:00 am - College Essay Writing
10:00 am -  Math Foundations for 5th-8th
10:00 am - Summer Reading 11th/12th
10:00 am - Every Fact Counst 5th-8th
10:00 am - Intensive Language Association 5/8th
10:00 am - Organizational Study Skills 7th/8th

11:00 am - Keyboarding
11:00 am - College Essay Writing
11:00 am - Solving Word Problems for 7th-8th
11:00 am - Solving Word Problems for 5th-8th
11:00 am - Book Report Rescue 7th

12:30 pm - Legos for 5th-6th
12:30 pm - Fun with Music for PP-2nd
12:30 pm - Penmanship for 2nd-4th
12:30 pm - Sing pop Broadway for 1st-4th
12:30 pm - Math Foundations 5th-8th
12:30 pm - Math Foundations for 5-8
12:30 pm - Responsibility Builds Succes for 3rd-4th
12:30 pm - Positive Power for PP-2
12:30 pm - Penmanship 2nd-4th
12:30 pm - Organizational and Study Skills 5th-8th
12:30 pm - American Sign Language class for 3rd-5th
12:30 pm - Digital Photography for 7th-8th
12:30 pm - Ready, Set, Listen for 1st/2nd
12:30 pm - Yoga for 1st-4th
12:30 pm - Technology Projects 5th-8th

1:30 pm - Animal Antics
1:30 pm - Lego Class for 3rd-4th
1:30 pm - Simplified Science for 3rd-5th
1:30 pm - Minecraft 5th-6th
1:30 pm -  First Aid Relief and Disaster for 7th-8th
1:30 pm - Art for PP-2nd
1:30 pm - Responsibility Builds Success for 5th-6th
1:30 pm - Penmanship Power 2nd-4th
1:30 pm - Yoga for 5th-8th

2:30 pm - Critical Thinking 6th-8th


Lower School
(3 years - 2nd Grade in the Fall)

 Upper Elementary School
(3rd Grade - 5th Grade in the Fall)
 Middle School
(6th Grade - 8th Grade in the Fall)

 Upper School
(9th Grade - 12th Grade in the Fall)

Summer Scholars
See Page 22 of the Brochure
This is an intensive 3-hour morning reading program available to students grades K - 12.

Testing is required for registration in this program, please contact John Hodges before you register for Summer Scholars.

Students registering for the Scholars program will also have the opportunity to register for afternoon Summer School courses.
Click here for details about the Shelton Scholars program.

Athletics and Speech*

Sports Camps*

See Pages 24 - 25 of the Brochure

Register Online

Sports Camps Waiver

Speech Clinic Programs*

See Page 23 of the Brochure

Call 972-774-1772 and ask for the Speech Clinic to register.

* Please note that registration and payment for these programs are separate from registration for Summer School.


Forms and Waivers (Printable PDF):

Shelton School serves bright, creative students from three years through twelfth grade who learn differently.   Shelton also offers programs on Saturdays and during the summer for students who do not attend Shelton during the week.

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The Evaluation Center evaluates children, adolescents, and adults to obtain a complete picture of the client through psychoeducational, neuropsychological, and/or psychological evaluations and makes recommendations for remediation.

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Shelton offers teacher education for educators, parents, and the community through courses offered online and in person.  Materials are also for sale that support the coursework and implementation of our varied programs. 

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Shelton provides evaluations and therapy for children and adolescents with articulation, fluency, voice, language, auditory processing and reading problems at the clinic and with children at private schools throughout the DFW metroplex.

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The fact is, Shelton has been sharing information and expertise with individuals, professionals and schools since its inception. It's part of Shelton's mission.

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