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Shelton Training Center

The Shelton Training department offers training for educators, parents, and the community and offers online payment and registration for courses and materials for sale to support the coursework and implementation of our varied programs.  Members of the Training Center staff also oversee the Shelton Scholars Program and the Summer Program allowing students not attending Shelton's full-time school to have the opportunity to experience Shelton's academic programs.

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Training Opportunities include:

Since 1976, Shelton School has been serving intelligent students with learning differences (LD). Parents actively seeking help for children with dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or speech and language disorders usually learn of the school, which each year opens its doors to more than 800 students, grades preschool through twelve. Professionals in the field hear of Shelton's success and attest to its solid reputation.

What most people don't know, however, is the role Shelton plays in helping those beyond its own campus. Even parents of Shelton students are amazed to learn the scope of Shelton's extensive Training Program.

The fact is, Shelton has been sharing information and expertise with individuals, professionals and schools since its inception. It's part of Shelton's mission.

Early on, Shelton staff realized that they could not possibly respond individually to all those seeking help for learning differences. The need is simply too great, with one out of seven Americans having some type of learning disability. Yet the school's keen desire (and challenge) has been to help more than its own student body and thus our Training Center (formerly called the Outreach Center) was born in 1991.


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